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Welcome to a new service that I'm offering - Online Guided Bowen Sessions using Zoom!

The massage  and body work industry had been ordered to stop all hands on services during the COVID-19 crisis. People still felt that bodywork was essential and that we still need self-care and pain relief during crisis.  With that in mind, I found a new way to help you. Guided Bowen! Using the Zoom app, I will guide you through specific Bowen moves to help you to relax and to address many of the issues that cause discomfort and pain. The healing power never came from me, it comes from the healing power of your own body. Even with you doing the moves on yourself, you can still gently nudge your body into healing.

A few clients felt this option was invaluable so I will continue to offer this service after reopening. 

Make a Guided Bowen appointment by directly contacting April.

Please watch the 40 minute Workshop with Katherine Housh and April Stenen to get you started learning some basic Bowen techniques that will get you ready for individual online sessions. 

We are going to show you:

5 steps you can take to recreate Bowen Therapy in your own home

3 moves to relax your tense muscles
(and one BONUS to relieve headaches)

More about Katherine

Katherine Housh is a registered nurse and board-certified coach who helps women take back their lives from autoimmune disease and chronic illness so they can do more of what they love. She specializes in DNRS, codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery, and trauma-informed coaching. Her passion is helping women make time for self-care so they can heal.

Contact Katherine Housh if you are interested in learning more about her services.

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