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My name is April Stenen. I am a Certified Massage Practitioner who specializes in Bowen Therapy. I'm located in Citrus Heights of the Sacramento area. Bowen is my first love. It's my go-to therapy!

April Stenen CMP


Business License # GEN - 05551; Special Business License # SPC - 05337

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In 2011, I received my Bowen training from the Natural Healthcare Institute taught by Raymond Augustinyak. In 2013, I was certified in Swedish Massage and Raindrop from the Healing Arts Institute. I took Graham Pennington's seminar "A Textbook of Bowen Technique" in 2014. Taking Gene Dobkin's class on Neural Touch Bowen Bridge 1 Class in 2015 has really expanded all the possibilities that Bowen can be.

I believe that everyone is created with an inborn ability to heal from within. Sometimes that ability is hindered by outside factors that are brought upon us by such things as genetics, environment, and life's circumstances. A healing touch can be the nudge our bodies need in the right direction towards better health.  

Bowen was introduced to me in my late teens. It was the only therapy that would ease the tension in my neck and shoulders for long periods of time. Nevertheless, life got busy when I got married and I lost touch with Bowen therapy for several years. Then, I was rear-ended by a motorist who didn't see the red light or the line of cars in front of him. I turned to what I knew would help me with the whiplash: Bowen Therapy. Within 5 treatments, I felt better than I did before the accident. While I was getting my treatments, I noticed others with more severe problems being helped. It made me think of my husband who had been walking with a cane for several months and who had been doing physical therapy for months with no relief. I wondered if Bowen could help with his problems too. After one Bowen session, my husband walked out of the office without his cane, never to be used again. 

Some years later, out of the blue, I received an email about going to school to learn Bowen Therapy. I knew so many of my friends and family could benefit from Bowen. I did not have to think about it long and signed up. During my second lesson, while being practiced on by the other students, they noticed the smell of Pine Sol or Pledge. When asked if I had been exposed to these chemicals I was dumbfounded. I answered that I had been in business as a house cleaner for quite a few years and used those very cleaning products. It was explained that chemicals can become locked in our cells and that Bowen has the potential to release these poisons from our bodies, although not usually strong enough to smell.

Bowen has been my passion ever since. 

I'm a family girl, born and bred here in Sacramento, sixth generation. I've been happily married for 22 years. I'm involved in a wide variety of volunteer work. I love to be apart of things that are bigger than myself.


"A calm heart gives health to the body," - Proverbs 14:30

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